Celebrity recital series at St Paul’s Girls’ School. London

   at 7:30pm


A song for the Lord Mayor’s Table – William Walton

  • A song for the Lord Mayor’s Table
  • Glide Gently
  • Wapping Old Stairs
  • Holy Thursday
  • The Contrast
  • Rhyme

Five songs by John Ireland

  • The Advent
  • Love is a sickness full of woes
  • If we must part
  • The Trellis
  • My true love hath my heart

Till Earth Outwears – Gerald Finzi

  • Let me enjoy the Earth
  • In years defaced
  • The Market-Girl
  • I look into my glass
  • It never looks like summer
  • At a lunar eclipse
  • Life laughs onward

Elizabeth Llewellyn soprano
Alice Turner piano